Monday, March 24, 2014

Only in Idaho can one find a sign that reads "Potato Road!"
It's found in a little town of Melba.
My two oldest daughters posed for this picture that I think captures the heart of Idaho!
What do you think?
Country Girls at Heart!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

This is a special picture to me because it has history.  This is our grandma at 95 years young!
The young man is Corby, age 22, great grand son.
She is still going strong even though her mind tricks her sometimes.  She was able to come to our house
for Thanksgiving.  Corby took Grandma home after Thanksgiving and the next day she told her daughter
that SOME young man took her home but didn't remember being at our house.  We LOVE her!  She is a ray of hope and sunshine to all of us!  
 Here's the history............
Her husband passed on a couple months before Corby was born.  Grandma lived in the house in the back of our property then.  When he was 5 or so he went over to Grandma's house and told her he was there to watch out or take care of her.  He told her that Grandpa told him to.  She was amazed so she inquired further.... how do you know it was grandpa?  Corby told her that he had a boat with him.  We all remember that boat and how special it was because it was his fishing boat.  She asked him what color it was and he told her it was red and it indeed was red!  Amazing how those in the spirit world might use a familiar object to prove to our loved ones that they are still alive and watching out for us!  He has always had a special bond
with her because of this and we will be forever grateful for both of them!!!

Does anyone out there have these little critters in their yards here in Meridian?  We had three out there.
We managed to get two of the critters but this one is a houdini.  Grandpa lives next door to us.  I saw him outside with his gun but to no avail.  My husband has been out there trying as well.  I can get a shot of him in my camera but he seems to have 9 lives.  I'm not normally an animal killer in any way.  I chastised my son
when he shot an innocent bird right outside my window.  But, these guys are a nuisance and can do a lot of damage inside and outside of your house.  Does anyone have a better solution out there?

Sooooo, for the 2013 canning year of grape juice I came out pretty unscathed.  Instead of spilling the hot, molten lava all down my garage steps I just spilled it on my hand giving me this pretty scar.  Oh, did I mention the kitchen was a rockin' purple as well!  It hurt and I'm not gonna lie...I cried a little.  BUT, it was a great year for the delicious grapes!  Woot!!

Friday, November 30, 2012

                                                 I read a great quote today that I want
                                                 to add to my refrigerator quotes....
                                                           "Don't cry because it's over,
                                                            Smile because it happened!"

                                                 In other words, don't be sad because one
                                                 part of your life is grateful that you
                                                 were able to experience it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Look at the Size of those thorns!

Do any of you recognize these thorns?  They are part of a hawthorne bush and we have about 10 acres of them up in Crouch, Idaho!
My husband and I have been going to Crouch to thin these things and it takes most of a day to clear a 12 foot patch of these things.  He bought a back hoe thinking he could dig them out but it was NOT TO BE!  They have to be hand done.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my husband's bloody arms for proof.  Anyway, we got a steal of a deal for this property and now I think I know why.  Even with this said, the place is so beautiful and serene!  We LOVE Idaho!!
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Update on Elder Johnson

This is a recent picture of Elder Johnson in Uruguay.
He is LOVING his mission.
He is down to 5 months left!
He cooks very well and I miss that!
He's sporting his apron made by the Primary.
Love him so much!
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